Virtual Course: Intro to Career Development

A step-by-step, virtual, research-based career development program which features on-demand video learning modules and quizzes accompanied by supplemental digital tools on Our course is purposefully designed to be inclusive, engaging and Gen-Z friendly. 

The objective of this course is to create an environment for students where desire becomes pursuit.  Where “One day, I want to be…” becomes “Today, I will…”  It is a fundamental element to building a platform that not only builds motivation but perhaps more importantly, the volition that students need to pursue a career successfully. Motivation is the desire to do something; volition (or willpower) is the absolute commitment to achieving it. 

Chapter topics

  1. Building Self Awareness

  2. Building World Awareness 

  3. Building Grit and Perseverance

  4. Emotional Intelligence

  5. Getting Experience (online and offline)

  6. Marketing Yourself (resume, LinkedIn, cover letter)

  7. Using Technology to Help you not Hurt you

  8. Networking and Interview Preparation

You will be able to track a student's progress and reward them with a certificate upon completion. 


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