About Gladeo

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Gladeo is an inclusive, next-generation career navigation platform for the future of work. We are a public benefit corporation building a more inclusive, equitable and prepared workforce of the future by providing high-quality, culturally-responsive career guidance to anyone, anywhere.

The Gladeo platform uses videos, storytelling, an extensive digital library of informational interviews, as well as data-driven, personalized education and resource recommendations to facilitate the dissemination of all the kinds of knowledge (explicit, implicit, and tacit) that are crucial for successful career development.

(1) Our research-based, inclusive storytelling and videos increase the visibility of relatable role models in industry sectors where they have been historically underrepresented. 

(2) Our digital informational interviews offer pathway-specific career guidance, openly sharing once closely guarded tacit and implicit knowledge that limited access to upwardly-mobile careers.

(3) Our resource recommendations help users find reputable career-building opportunities tailored to their career goals like reputable education and training programs, networking events, and internships and jobs.

We partner with regional workforce boards, K-12 public schools, community colleges, and youth nonprofits around the country to maximize the potential reach and impact of our work. Our goal is to help underserved learners and unemployed workers without existing social or professional networks find stepping stones, overcome barriers, and successfully navigate their way into upwardly-mobile, sustainable middle- and high-skill careers. 

Gladeo is a member of the 2019 Acumen CivicX Future of Work Accelerator, supported by the PwC Charitable Foundation and Starbucks, the 2019 Fast Forward Accelerator, and the 2019 Grid110 Residency program, a partnership with the LA Mayor's Office and the LA Economic Workforce Development Department.

Gladeo and its founders have received numerous honors and awards including Aspen Institute Festival Scholar, Ashoka/American Express Emerging Innovator, National League of Cities Local Hero Award, Social Venture Partner LA’s Social Innovation Fast Pitch Award, and The Gratitude Network Award


Co-Founder Michelle Cho served many years as a mentor and volunteer in low-income communities when she realized that her students had so few career role models. Their awareness often started with what their older siblings did and ended with what they saw on TV. (e.g. professional athlete or musician) They often relied primarily on their teachers and counselors for any further career exploration. However, in low-income neighborhoods, schools don't have as many career resources and high school counselors are stretched dangerously thin. In the United States, the student-to-counselor ratio is 500:1. Moreover, career and college counseling is merely one of their many responsibilities. So how were these kids ever going to aspire to careers they’d never heard of? Taking her years of experience in media and entertainment to tackle this problem, Michelle and co-founder Grace Cho created Gladeo to bring career dreams to life for students in a fun, current, and culturally-inclusive way.